1. Museum HR Giger Bar-Gruyeres, Switzerland- This dreamlike restaurant looks like it was taken right from a book. the decor makes you feel as though you are sitting inside Jonah the Whale with its double vertebrae arches across vaulted ceilings. Be equally disturbed and amazed by this extraordinary castle that gives the sensation of being trapped in inside the  belly of a prehistoric beast while enjoying a stiff drink. Click here to view the website.

2. Las Pozas, Xilitla, Mexico- This subtropical rain-forest paradise, located in Mexico, was created by Edward James. The natural waterfalls and pools span over 80 acres and sits more than 2,000 feet above sea level. this “Garden of Eden” is full of concrete sculptures, full beds of tropical place and flowers and a few small homes.  This is an ideal place to truly escape the monotony  of reality.

3. Free Spirit Shperes, Quallicum Beach, BC, Canada-For fantasy lover, being suspended in a budding forest is a dream come true. let your imagination and creativity reawaken as you suspend above the ground in this spiritual environment.

4. Moroccan Sky Raid, London, England-Located at the top pf The Gherkin in London England, The Moroccan Sky Raid is located on the 39th floor with 360 degree views. Although only open for the summer, the delicious traditional Moroccan cuisine is the heart and sold of the new pop up.

5. El Cosmico, Marfa, Texas-On the 21 acres “nomadic” hotel, the balance of adventure and serenity on the desert plain gives a temporary oasis of the real world. Experience safaris, Sioux-style tepees, as well as hammock groves, outdoor kitchens and wood fired hot tubs.