Fundacion de La Tierra
31 Jul 2015

Dr. Michael Ehrenhaus, MD and his wife Maribel, go to the Dominican Republic three to four times a year to perform eye examinations and advanced eye surgery, including corneal transplants, for no cost to the patients.

Dr. Mike and Maribel usually plan 5-7 days for each charity mission trip, and while there, perform dozens of surgeries and examinations for the local Dominican population. The patients that are examined and undergo surgery are all examined based on their need and also on their inability to pay for healthcare.

The surgeries and examinations are all performed at Clinica Corominas in Santiago with the help of Sebastian Guzman, MD. All of the surgeries and procedures that are performed utilize the latest technology and techniques that are available anywhere in the world.IMG_1083

The charity missions are to help those people that otherwise would have no access to proper eyecare and who otherwise would not enjoy the gift of sight.

Additionally, Dr. Mike and Maribel donate food to dozens of poor families in Santiago and often help distribute the food personally when they are local for a mission trip. Many of these recipients would not have had food for the next day if it was not for these donations. When they are unable to fly to Santiago, Dr. Mike and Ms. Gonzalez will purchase food to be distributed to the poor families and send it via boat from New York or have it purchased locally in the DR to help the local economy as well.

Now, the team of Mike and Maribel (M&M) have joined their forces to create the Fundacion de La Tierra. The purpose of the Fundacion is to strengthen the original goal of helping those less fortunate in the Dominican Republic gain access to eye care and eye surgeries, enable access to better education, and to help provide basic food provisions and household necessities.

Learn more about Fundacion de La Tierra at Contact them at or 516-652-0643.

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Saving Smiles in Sacramento, California Area
10 Apr 2014

Maintaining a private dental practice in the Sacramento area of California is just a small glimpse at Dr. DiTomasso’s career of giving back to her community.

In the beginning, Dr. DiTomasso served for two years as a Commissioned Officer in the Public Health Service and served on the California State Board of Dental Examiners, as an expert examiner for licensing.

Currently she works as an educator with the Spear Academy, offering her skill and knowledge to up-and-coming dentists. Spear Academy boasts possessing seminar experiences that create a core-shifting change in their students’ perspective of dentistry and practice management. As an experienced instructor within the system, Dr. DiTomasso conducts comprehensive sessions that provide dental theory on the latest treatments for restoration and esthetics and live presentations that demonstrate how to successfully apply each technique in practice.

Dr. DiTomasso acts as a mentor for the St. Francis Girl’s High School in her spare time, and is supporter and participant of the Wellspring Women’s Center. The Center is a non-profit establishment that nurtures the innate goodness and personal self esteem of women and their children. Dr. DiTomasso also performs outreach to local high schools for health fairs, and volunteers for “Smiles for Kids”.  “Smiles for Kids” is a blossoming organization that provides pediatric dentistry to children in the Sacramento area that cannot afford dental care.

Not only giving her providing education and care to those in need, Dr. DiTomasso on the 3M ESPE Council for Innovative Dentistry. The council tests, reports, and advises on innovative products in the dental industry, and is comprised of 20 dentists throughout the United States and Canada.

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Rachel’s Kids—Giving Back to Cornwall, Ontario’s Children
10 Apr 2014

Neglect.  Abuse.  Poverty.  These are harsh realities, and no corner of this world remains unscathed.  However, thanks to the efforts of Rachel Navaneelan, a dentist from Cornwall, Ontario, we are making strides.

Originally, Rachel’s Kids was developed to help the children and people of Sri Lanka, who were devastated by a 9.1-9.3 undersea earthquake and tsunami.  It was one of the largest amounts of casualties for an earthquake, ranking in the top 10 in history.  Dr. Navaneelan arranged a charity auction and garden party in her own backyard to raise both money and awareness of this tragedy and others.  Being a native Sri Lankan herself, this was a cause very dear to Dr. Navaneelan’s heart.

Rachel’s Kids is now a thriving organization, dedicated to giving back to children who may be orphaned by tragedy, who have no medical benefits or legacy from their parents to take over.  Thanks to the efforts of the Cornwall community, the garden party has now become an annual event, with half the contributions being made to local charities, mainly to benefit children in the community, and the remainder going towards projects initiated overseas.

In addition to the garden party, Rachel’s Kids also hosts an Annual Have a Heart Gala, the Sponsor A Child Program, and most recently a New York City Bus Tour.  Over the years, Rachel’s Kids and the efforts of Dr. Navaneelan have had no shortage of success; also helping to renovate the Cornwall Community Hospital’s pediatric ward (with phase 2 in preparation for this project).  The 8th annual garden party, held in 2012, raised over $100,000 in funds to help the children. Since 2009, Rachel’s Kids has also partnered with Mt. Carmel and other churches in Sri Lanka to create the Foster Parents Plan, with children of Buddhist, Hindu, and Christian descent. Through this program, children get bicycles, school kits, and of course, the gift of a shelter.


Through the efforts, contributions, and love of many, Rachel’s Kids has planted a seed of hope in the heart of Sri Lanka’s children, and helps sustain the lives of this beautiful island nation.

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Dr. Crandall’s Heart Healthy Advice
10 Apr 2014

In honor of his loving son, Dr. Crandall has established The Chadwick Foundation. The Foundation is a vital ministry that supports people who otherwise would be without hope, and lost without a vision that help is on the way. Through Dr. Crandall’s passion and efforts, The Foundation offers aid to poverty-stricken areas around the world.

Alongside his heart clinics, Dr. Crandall’s mission is to spread the word on heart health as well as the benefits of incorporating Christ to help you fight your medical battles. He encourages his patients to be in prayer with him as they move forward to fulfill the mission God: to reach the lost and hurting with a message of hope and healing. The Chadwick Foundation makes this possible by traveling to places like Haiti, Papau New Guinea, Mexico, Finland, and Norway.

Dr. Crandall is currently operating La Clinica Chad, which serves as a treatment facility to the poor and broken. La Clinica Chad is fully staffed by Christ-believing medical personnel, located in the heart of Medellin, Columbia building clinics and orphanages. In addition to La Clinica Chad, Dr. Crandall and his team help and support numerous other foundations and regions in need, while spreading the message of Jesus Christ.

With great fervor and a commitment for touching as many lives as he can, Dr. Crandall also spreads the word of health and faith through international public lectures and his publications. He also maintains the position on the Board of Directors for Palm Beach County Youth for Christ; Palm Beach County Youth for Christ; an organization that encourages building healthy relationships amongst the youth and introducing them to the work of Jesus. Having performed over 40,000 heart procedures during his career, Dr. Crandall is a top physician in his field offering a groundbreaking approach to preventing and reversing heart disease.

If you are inspired by Dr. Crandall’s mission, please visit for more information.

Anba Abraam Coptic Charity –Helping Egypt’s Children
10 Apr 2014

Dr. Shezad A. Saeed is a pediatrician based out of Cincinnati, Ohio’s Children’s Hospital and Medical Center.  Dr. Saeed is also founder and President of a very important organization, helping children who are often looked over in a third world nation.

Anba Abraam Coptic Charity (AAC) , founded in 1993, is dedicated to providing social and financial support to impoverished Egyptian, Sudan, and African communities. They provide food banks, a training and skills development centre, a dental clinic, and community service centres.  The goal is to help people in these countries around the world overcome this devastating poverty.