Health Fads: Coloring your Water


As a society, sometimes,  we devote an unnecessary amount of time and energy in experimenting with health fads we know nothing about. In a world where knowledge is at our fingertips, we seem to have a lack of research capability when it comes to our health and wellness.  The social pressure to have the “perfect” body and to emulate the celebrities and personalities we see has turned from an admiration to an obsession. It seems that now, individuals will try anything and everything to look the way they think they should. This includes “health fads” that can be harmful to one’s body. I can attest from personal experience that these health fads are not all they live up to be.

I was reading an article that mentioned drinking apple cider vinegar every day helped to suppress appetite. I did some research and saw there were many people who found drinking apple cider vinegar to be effective, so I tried it for a few days. I mixed it with water and drank it after I ate so I would not be hungry late at night. While it did suppress my appetite and I wasn’t hungry as often, it did not produce fast results; it just made me less hungry.

However, I did fear that the acid in apple cider vinegar would upset my stomach and would not be very good for the insides. I was drinking two a day and after a while, it just became too much to ingest. I felt bloated when I drank it, and I didn’t think I was something I should do every day. I still ate regular meals and exercised, but I would recommend this method to those who are having trouble controlling their food intake and appetite.

After this experience, I wondered what other weight loss tricks involve simply mixing something in water. I came across chlorophyll water as being one of the best liquids for your body because of all the nutrients,and its positive affect on the body. According to the Global Healing Center, chlorophyll is considered a super food which has antioxidant properties that help control hunger and cravings, promote healing and cleansing, and relieve systemic redness and swelling.

Coloring your water, whether it be with apple cider vinegar or chlorophyll, is one of the many ways to control weight. There are methods out there that can be dangerous to your health and it is important to keep that in mind.



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