Publishing Your Medical Literature Through IAHCP

If you’re a seasoned healthcare professional with specialized experience in a particular field, it’s time you used that experience to your benefit.  With an ever-growing body of scientific and medical literature emerging online in the form of electronic publications, there has never been a greater time to use your experience to its fullest.  The International Association of Healthcare Professionals (IAHCP) specializes in providing an online gateway for doctors and physicians: The Waiting Room Magazine.  Whether it’s a complex topic such as Nuclear Radiology or an interrogative look at Human Sexuality, IAHCP always stands ready to ensure your contribution is acknowledged and received by the larger scientific community.  The Waiting Room is also an excellent way to stay connected to your patients while they wait to see you.  This magazine lets you explore topics ranging from humorous to informative. Don’t let your work be left in the dark! Over seventy-five publications are already being vigorously distributed to their target audiences in the healthcare community and even more doctors and physicians are submitting written articles to The Waiting Room Magazine.  With other regular publications also coming out, such as The Leading Physicians of the World, there has never been a better time than now to feature your written work through the IAHCP. The International Association of Healthcare Professionals actively participates with online distributors and printed publishers to find the audience that would best benefit from your medical work – whether it be in the form of a regularly printed magazine, such as The Waiting Room Magazine, or through intuitive and in-depth literature such as The Leading Physicians of the World.  Many of IAHCP’s members have gone on to write their very own books and have them distributed through our extensive network of medical practices and institutions. You have already put your time, effort, and research into writing a good piece of medical literature – now enjoy the revenue and the pride of knowing the rest of the healthcare community is noticing your accomplishments. With topics ranging from epidemiology to psychology, IAHCP ( has become a growing online space for medical scientists and practitioners to exchange notes, research, and book ideas.  The International Association of Healthcare Professionals values your contributions to healthcare and wants to promote your work to healthcare professionals who can benefit most by it. The Advantage of Publishing through IAHCP Who better understands the value of your research than the healthcare community?  Allied healthcare workers, from all over the world, benefit in the exchange of ideas and research to improve the lives of the people they serve.  IAHCP takes your finished literature and broadcasts it to healthcare communities that may most benefit from it.  Through a variety of channels, such as the Waiting Room Magazine and The Leading Physicians of the World publication, IAHCP ensures that no matter where a medical practice is located, they have access to cutting-edge medical research and literature. Normally, when you have placed the finishing touches on your medical literature, it is up to you to correctly identify which healthcare professionals would most greatly benefit from it in the international community.  This can be a time-intensive process and laboriously expensive if done incorrectly.  The International Association of Healthcare Professionals ( is an already established online medium for ensuring that doctors and physicians can release their medical literature onto the internet without worrying about piracy, networking, and finding an interested audience. It’s also a great tool to point your colleagues to when you wish to point them in the direction of your work! Because the International Association of Healthcare Professionals is committed to assisting the medical community at large, there has never been a better time to publish your medical literature with us.


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