Members of the Leading Physicians of the World Rate Highest in a Variety of Categories

There are a number of metrics to use when grading the quality of a physician.  Whether it is comprehensive knowledge of medical expertise, technical skill in surgery or bedside manner, there are a number of qualitative standards to use when determining what constitutes one of the Leading Physicians in the World.  While few physicians can boast superlative ratings in every category, the members of LPW are among the most respected and trusted figures in their fields because of broad professional excellence.

One of the primary bases for determining excellence is academic achievement.  While all physicians are academically superior to the majority of their educational counterparts, Leading Physicians of the World boasts members from the most prestigious universities in the world including Harvard University, Cambridge, the Sorbonne and many others. Many of LPW’s members continued their medical education through prestigious internships and fellowships at the most celebrated hospitals and research institutions including the National Institutions of Health, Massachusetts General and the Mayo Clinic.

Following formal education and training, members of LPW have made pioneering contributions to medical body of knowledge through teaching, publishing and speaking.  Many of these doctors serve as lecturers and professors at educational institutions, sharing their hard earned expertise with new generations of medical students.  Many of LPW’s members also are eager to dispense their knowledge to the medical community and the general public through keynote addresses at major conferences and published articles in esteemed publications like the New England Journal of Medicine and the Journal of the American Medical Association.  Many of these articles are available at as well as the website of its parent organization, the International Association of Healthcare Professionals.

Perhaps one of the most important metrics for medical excellence is the ability to utilize this expertise within a clinical setting.  Most LWP members diagnose illnesses and injuries, identify health issues, provide preventive health advice and implement the latest technologies and healthcare products to remedy health issues.  While some of these activities occur at world renowned medical facilities, others happen within the settings of private clinics which are owned and operated by these successful doctors.  Most members of the Leading Physicians of the World are in high demand with patients traveling enormous distances to receive their advice.  Needless to say, almost all members receive impeccable reviews from patients, medical associates and professional organizations.

Another measure of professional excellence is the honors and awards that members receive.  Almost all of LPW’s members have distinguished themselves well enough to receive recognition from the medical community.  These honors come from regional, national and international associations that are aware of the latest contributions by leaders in the field.  These include Nobel prizes, Lasker awards, and the AMA Foundation Excellence in Medicine awards.  These accolades often provide generous monetary awards and enormous publicity on the scientific and clinical achievements of deserving members.


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