Dr. Crandall’s Heart Healthy Advice
10 Apr 2014

Dr. Crandall’s Heart Healthy Advice

In honor of his loving son, Dr. Crandall has established The Chadwick Foundation. The Foundation is a vital ministry that supports people who otherwise would be without hope, and lost without a vision that help is on the way. Through Dr. Crandall’s passion and efforts, The Foundation offers aid to poverty-stricken areas around the world.

Alongside his heart clinics, Dr. Crandall’s mission is to spread the word on heart health as well as the benefits of incorporating Christ to help you fight your medical battles. He encourages his patients to be in prayer with him as they move forward to fulfill the mission God: to reach the lost and hurting with a message of hope and healing. The Chadwick Foundation makes this possible by traveling to places like Haiti, Papau New Guinea, Mexico, Finland, and Norway.

Dr. Crandall is currently operating La Clinica Chad, which serves as a treatment facility to the poor and broken. La Clinica Chad is fully staffed by Christ-believing medical personnel, located in the heart of Medellin, Columbia building clinics and orphanages. In addition to La Clinica Chad, Dr. Crandall and his team help and support numerous other foundations and regions in need, while spreading the message of Jesus Christ.

With great fervor and a commitment for touching as many lives as he can, Dr. Crandall also spreads the word of health and faith through international public lectures and his publications. He also maintains the position on the Board of Directors for Palm Beach County Youth for Christ; Palm Beach County Youth for Christ; an organization that encourages building healthy relationships amongst the youth and introducing them to the work of Jesus. Having performed over 40,000 heart procedures during his career, Dr. Crandall is a top physician in his field offering a groundbreaking approach to preventing and reversing heart disease.

If you are inspired by Dr. Crandall’s mission, please visit chadwickfoundation.com for more information.


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