Anba Abraam Coptic Charity –Helping Egypt’s Children
10 Apr 2014

Anba Abraam Coptic Charity –Helping Egypt’s Children

Dr. Shezad A. Saeed is a pediatrician based out of Cincinnati, Ohio’s Children’s Hospital and Medical Center.  Dr. Saeed is also founder and President of a very important organization, helping children who are often looked over in a third world nation.

Anba Abraam Coptic Charity (AAC) , founded in 1993, is dedicated to providing social and financial support to impoverished Egyptian, Sudan, and African communities. They provide food banks, a training and skills development centre, a dental clinic, and community service centres.  The goal is to help people in these countries around the world overcome this devastating poverty.

Children, families, and the elderly alike are influenced and helped by this charity, whose reach extends from nurseries to nursing homes.  Working in conjunction with St. Mary’s Food Bank and Community Soup Kitchen and Outreach Center, a free dental clinic was recently offered in Mississauga, Canada.  In addition, the Mississauga Training Centre was launched, to help immigrants adjust to their new home and surroundings in Canada.  Since the charity’s inception 20 years ago, over 3,000 families have been helped to overcome large obstacles.

Through the Charity, children receive: Financial support, school articles and clothing, scholarships to needy students so they can expand their education to support their families, and monthly medical costs to accommodate various care for the physical and/or mentally handicapped.  In addition, the Children’s Rehabilitation Centre in EL-OBOUR City/Cairo was established in early 2012 to serve the needs of physically and mentally challenged children.

Families receive housing improvements, financial support, blankets in winter, and money going towards projects that may sustain income for said families.

The elderly receive money for much needed care, including dialysis care, and a senior home in Cairo; among other projects undertaken.

Through these efforts and more, Dr. Saeed has continued to help the people of Egypt, Canada and beyond. To find out more, please visit



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