Give a Smile, Make them Smile
09 Apr 2014

One of the top dentists in northern Ohio, Dr. Vladimir Pastouk, DDS, has spent a decade of his career giving back to underprivileged populations.

Establishing his private practice in Pepper Pike, Ohio, Dr. Pastouk puts emphasis on implantology and cosmetic dentistry. He is considered a pioneer in the field dentistry; implementing the use of acupuncture in dentistry after being the first to study the procedures in Kiev, Ukraine.

In 2001, Dr. Pastouk took time away from his practice to offer his expertise and advanced skills to the children of the Dominican Republic. He strongly believes in rejuvenating one of the most important things a person is likely to lose, for one reason or another: “their smile”.

After his experience in the Dominican Republic, Dr. Pastouk was proud to educate and inspire the public about his endeavors and has become active with another program, “Give Back a Smile”, since. “Give Back a Smile” is a subdivision of the esteemed American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry; healing some of the most devastating effects of intimate partner violence, by restoring the smiles of adult women and men who have suffered damage to, or lost, their smiles at the hands of a former intimate partner or spouse.

Dr. Pastouk is a dentist with a multitude of proficiencies, having also mastered the most up-to-date methods of skin rejuvenation. He has mastered the treatment of muscle tension and migraines by Botox application, conducting lectures continuously at dental schools that graduate dental specialists. Educating the future allows Dr. Pastouk to bestow his knowledge onto the future generations of dentists. Due to his outstanding achievements, Dr. Pastouk was invited to become a teaching faculty member in 2013 at the Pacific Training Institute of Facial Aesthetics in Vancouver, Canada.

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William Reinert Bohl- Orthopedic Surgeon Helping Others Around the World
09 Apr 2014

As his day job, Dr. William Reinert Bohl serves the people of Cleveland, Ohio at the Center for Orthopaedic Medicine and Surgery, based out of Lutheran Hospital.  However, Dr. Bohl is also a man on a (medical) mission.

Over the years, Dr. Bohl has dedicated much of his time to Medical Volunteers Overseas.  Medical Volunteers Overseas is known as a global effort of healthcare professionals and educators to spread awareness of global health through the use of education.  Their work has spread from Haiti to Vietnam to Ethiopia, and the charity of the organization knows no bounds.  They have been active since 1986 and primarily serve resource-poor nations with everything they need.  Dr. Bohl is a Surgeon’s Circle-Lifetime Member of this organization.  Over the course of his career, Dr. Bohl has served on several projects with the organization: a Tanzania Project in November 2003; a Peru Project from October 16-30, 2004; a Costa Rica Project from October 1-22, 2005; the Cambodia Project from September 8-30, 2007; a Bhutan Project from September 27-October 31, 2007; a St. Lucia Project in September, 2008; Wenzhou, China in October 2009; Manaugua, Nicaragua in November, 2010;  and lastly, Cusco, Peru in November 2011.

Dr. Bohl has also given his time to other charities including Mercy Ships; an organization which provides aid and healthcare via boat to port areas around the world. He traveled to Honduras to La Ceiba, a port city on the Northern Coast of the country.  He served this organization in May of 2004.

Lastly, Dr. Bohl also served Medical Ministries International; an organization with roots in 23 countries. Over the years, he has worked in Ecuador, the Galapagos Islands, Bolivia, Rwanda, Ethiopia, and the Dominican Republic; among other countries. Through his work, he has helped to spread global education and healthcare platforms in places that so desperately need it.  His work continues to be an inspiration for many, in the Cleveland area and beyond!

The Parekh Family Foundation—Educating Over Seas!
09 Apr 2014

Selene G. Parekh, MD, MBA, has dedicated his life to empowering healthcare professionals around the globe and handing them the tools necessary for success. Dr. Parekh has implemented multiple outlets for his colleagues and for future healthcare professionals to cultivate education, medical research, and procedural advancements.

After experiencing an extensive education, along with a one-year Healthcare Entrepreneurship Fellowship at the Wharton School of Business, Dr. Parekh established the “Business of Orthopaedics” conference; the first of its kind in the United States. The conference is an academic course that provides business education to future physicians and healthcare professionals. The conference discusses a wide span topics; including practice management, product development and entrepreneurship, personal financial management, and leadership and negotiations.

In the year 2010, Dr. Parekh and his wife organized and founded the Indo-US Foot and Ankle Meeting, which is held every January in India. The meeting includes an international faculty who operate on impoverished patients in India, while simultaneously teaching over one hundred Indian orthopaedic surgeons about the best practices and novel techniques for the care of foot and ankle patients.

With the humanitarian mission to give back to his field of expertise, Dr. Parekh and his wife also formed the Research Triangle Park Orthopaedic Society (RTPOS). The RTPOS functions to foster education and camaraderie amongst practicing orthopaedic surgeons in the community, residents in training, and the fellows at Duke, UNC, and Wake Forest. RTPOS hosts key opinion leaders who are invited on a monthly basis to teach orthopaedic surgeons in the RTP area about the latest trends and treatments in orthopaedic surgery.

All of this has been made possible due to the ideals and values of his parents, Gunvant and Bharati Parekh, who were also great believers in education, hard work, and discipline. In great honor of them, Dr. Parekh is a Co-Founder of The Parekh Family Foundation; alongside his sister, Zankhna Parekh. The Parekh Family Foundation is a non-profit, private operating foundation, which functions to improve the quality of life for individuals globally; supporting education, research, and missionary medical aid to those who need healthcare within the United States and abroad.

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Family foundation

The Butterfly Foundation:  Creating Third World Caterpillars into Beautiful Butterflies
09 Apr 2014

All around the world, children are suffering from spinal deformities.  Some are inherited, some are due to trauma, disease, abuse, or neglect.  Either way, these children do not have the medical resources needed to help correct this devastating problem. People in third world countries just do not have enough manpower and trained orthopedic staff to help correct these issues.

Established in 2003, The Butterfly Foundation (Fundacion Mariposa in Spanish) is dedicated to not only fixing spinal deformity, but training others to do it as well.  Dr. Andrew Moulton, based out of Westchester Medical Center in Hawthorne, New York, was inspired to form the foundation to help people complete the metamorphosis needed to live again- much like that of a caterpillar into a butterfly.

So far, the Foundation has traveled to the Dominican Republic (native country of Dr. Moulton’s wife), Africa, Japan, Chile, Malawi, and Vietnam.  Vietnam in particular was challenging for Dr. Moulton, as the main method of transportation is moped, without helmet.  Injuries were widespread, and difficult to prevent.  Thanks to this and diseases caused by poor nutrition, many of the resident’s spines have not developed correctly. One of Dr. Moulton’s most memorable patients was a Vietnamese monk, whose spine was collapsing due to tuberculosis.  Meanwhile, in the Dominican Republic, Dr. Moulton and his team worked with many scoliosis patients, using titanium alloy and very delicate surgical procedures to repair these types of curvatures.  The rate of scoliosis versus that of the United States is 2:1, without the braces and other types of treatment Americans have access to.

Not only are the physical ramifications of this type of work beneficial to the patient, but it is also a huge boost to one’s self-esteem. Many growing children feel freakish when their body betrays them and they cannot grow like others.  Due to the efforts of Dr. Moulton and his team, a state-of-the-art operating hospital has been established in the Dominican Republic, so the work of the Butterfly Foundation can carry on, even when Dr. Moulton is in another country doing his good work. The program is being promoted through the North American Spine Society, of which Dr. Moulton is Former President.  A popular media presence, the Butterfly Foundation has been featured in Orthopedics Today, Westchester Health and Life, and the Dominican Times; among other press.

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